Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber Owes Back Taxes

The man mentioned in the debate between Obama and McCain the other night owes back taxes.

According to this report on, Joe the plumber owes back taxes. He owes the state of Ohio $1182.98 in back taxes and has a lien placed on his property by the state until he pays what is owed.

This is not as unique as you might think. Millions of people owe back taxes to either the IRS or the state in which they live.

Getting out of debt with the IRS can be a very arduous task. What a tax payer needs is a resolution with the IRS or the state. Not knowing how to handle the situation can cost you time and money.
Hiring a tax resolution firm to resolve your issue can help you in many ways. Call a reputable firm and get some help today.

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