Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to deal with the IRS

In my time working for a tax resolution firm, I have found out many things regarding the IRS and taxpayers. Many people believe that the IRS is out to get them and will make it difficult for the them to resolve their situation. The IRS will do little to go over all your options for a resolution. The IRS is the biggest creditor and has ways of collecting money other creditors do not have.

The IRS is the only creditor who has the ability to take money directly out of your bank account and directly out of your pay check. They can even collect from pensions and social security. The IRS can even collect from accounts receivable for businesses who owe a liability. They do this through levies.

Iif you don’t know what you are doing when dealing with the IRS, you will not get the best result possible for yourself. Self representation is no representation. You need people representing you who now how to deal with the IRS and do it hundreds of times per day. They will help you get the best possible outcome that you qualify for.

You don’t go to court without a lawyer, why would you face the IRS without professional representation

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